Smaffler – Muffler with Hidden Compartment

$12.03 $33.95

The Winter Muffler to keep you safe

Ever get tired of constantly worrying about your phones, purses, and keys outdoors? We have got the perfect solution for you in Smaffler, a smart muffler to keep your things safe and secure while beating the chill. This soft and warm winter muffler is equipped with a zipper and hidden compartment for you to store your most valuable items. Tuck them hidden safely where no pesky thief can get them.

Gorgeous, trendy, and deceptively smart, Smaffler is just what you might need this winter!


Travel Necessity – In your travels, keep your items safely tucked into Smaffler’s deep pockets to keep them out of reach from anyone but you.

Trendy and Graceful – Smaffler is not only smart, but they are also absolutely gorgeous as well. Its elegant and neat design will compliment your looks positively, all the while keeping you safe and warm as well.

Bag Substitute – Smaffler will eliminate the hassle of needing to carry a bag or backpack.

Weightless – Smaffler is practically weightless so even with items stored in it, it won’t cause any strain upon your neck.

Wide Variety of Choice – Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your clothes and other accessories.   


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