SolidArms-Toning Arm Sleeves

$6.98 $33.95

The Perfect Support For Your upper arms

Take care of your saggy physique once and for all! SolidArms make your loose skin invisible around the upper arms and creates a seamless toned look instantly!

Flexible and comfortably tight, you can wear it underneath your clothes daily without even feeling it. Put it on to burn cellulite and tone your arms as you go about your day.

Feel comfortable in your skin and never let your sagging skin ruin the way you feel. Shrink down your arms without changing your diet or doing cardio easily with SolidArms!


Tighten your physique- Tone up your upper arms to remove the sagging skin and melt the stubborn fat easily just by wearing SolidArms!

Forget it’s there- Feel fully comfortable wearing SolidArms under your clothes all day long and enjoy a seamless fat burning experience!

The support you need- Never feel weighed down by your loose skin again and be free of the look you don’t like showing!

SolidArms is the ultimate choice- Tighten and tone your upper arms in an instant to get the look and feel you want to have each day!


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